Cretaceous Park

The Conca Dellà Museum

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hall of dinosaursPresentation of the Conca Dellà

hall of dinosaursThe Roman times

hall of dinosaursThe Roman times

hall of dinosaursThe Roman times

hall of dinosaurs

hall of dinosaurs

hall of dinosaurs

The time of the dinosaurs


The Conca Dellà Museum, which is situated in the town of Isona, to the south of Pallars Jussà region (Lleida province) is the scene for an exciting trip to the past. The museum offers the possibility to discover an area that was occupied by the Roman culture in the past and, many years before that, inhabited by the last dinosaurs that lived on the Earth.

The Cretaceous Park is a project developed locally based on the integral heritage of Conca Dellà. Thus, the Cretaceous Park allows everyone arriving to this area of the Pallars Jussà region discovering this territory and its different thematic environs -palaeontological beds, archaeological remains, historical-artistic buildings— as well as the natural surroundings in which it is set.

The museum is divided into different environments, using its various floors:

The basement holds the wine cellar, where an exhibition shows the importance of the vineyard from the Roman age to mid 20th century.

The ground floor, holding the entrance, shows the geographical frame fundamental features, as well as Conca Dellà's cultural and natural richness through the different villages it comprises.

Following the time-scale, union point of the museum collections, we travel 2,000 years back on the first floor, when Isona was an important Roman city in inner Catalonia. The visitor may see the chronological evolution of the Aeso Roman city, know how it was and who lived there.

Continuing the trip, on the second floor we put our clock 65 million years back, up to the Cretaceous period. At that time, the valley was very different to what it is now and dinosaurs were some of the animals living there. The palaeontological remains allow explaining how the dinosaurs' life and surroundings were and how they have been conserved up to the present.

Tourist Information Office

At the reception of the Museum is located the Tourist Information Office. This office is including in the Network of the tourist information Office of Generalitat of Catalunya.

This area is welcome to attend the queries on the town and tourist area that may derive from the different visitors. From here you informed of the various tourist attractions in the area, on main routes, paleontology, natural areas, accommodation, sightseeing, or winemaking as part of the wine route of Lleida, among others.

Portal Montsec

The Museum is also a tourist information of the area of Montsec. Montsec is a limestone mountain range over 40 km long and 18,696 hectares divided between Aragon and Catalonia. The Catalan side is composed of several municipalities in the regions of Pallars Jussà and La Noguera. Isona i Conca Dellà is a part of this region and hosts this site with the purpose of providing a tourist information for visitors.